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Trump Land

ix months into his presidency, Donald Trump has seen conflict, turmoil, confusion, lies, and an ever growing investigation into Trump’s campaign and administration. Hundreds of vacancies are directly affecting any chance of success while turnover in key positions go unfilled because Trump can’t attract anyone to fill them. So Trump hires one type of person; the wealthy. While they may be wealthy, they are grossly unqualified for the position they hold.

And here are the key players in TrumpLand!

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onald Trump Jr is not a member of his father’s administration, but has become an integral part of the Russia investigation. He’s implicated in direct collusion with Russia as a member of his father’s campaign when he met with a Russian government lawyer, Russian born American lobbyist, and others that wanted to provide dirt on Clinton, which is a violation of campaign finance laws. He lied several times regarding this incident which can be read in the PQ timeline.

Trump Jr has said he’s willing to cooperate, but has yet to confirm he will talk directly to investigators.

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eff Sessions has been under fire from Trump since recusing himself from the Russia investigation. In July 2017, Trump spoke to The New York Times and expressed regret in naming Sessions as his Attorney General. Most assumed Sessions would resign the following day, but Sessions refused, likely angering Trump further. Look for Sessions to be out as AG by September.

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ared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has played a powerful role in the campaign, transition and administration. Kushner is featured prominently in the Russia timeline for his covert meetings with Russian officials and the VEB bank, having to change his security clearance form at least three times (adding over 100 names of foreigners) and participating in a meeting with Russians that directly proves collusion of Trump’s campaign with Russia.

Since Kushner is married to Ivanka, it is unlikely that Trump will ever fire Kushner, but the news that Kushner has hired one of the most powerful criminal defense attorneys, the question of Kushner flipping on Trump is omnipresent.

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ex Tillerson has been confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of State.

Tillerson has only worked for Exxon and has a long history of working with Russian President Putin. Their $500 billion oil deal was stopped in its tracks in 2014 due to U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Since becoming Secretary of State, the State Department has had very few briefings, which typically occur daily. Additionally, Tillerson refuses to have any press conferences and when there is a press availability during events, he remains silent in the face of questions. His staff has ushered out Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC numerous times when she starts asking questions.

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teve Bannon has been working for years to normalize racism and white supremacy. He has succeeded. The 2016 election has proven it. In Trumpland, denial based on lies in the face of documentation that proves otherwise is their status quo.

Bannon is a documented racist. One look at Breitbart proves this, but it’s not only in this business he expresses his racism. During his child custody battle, he stated that he did not want his kids going to school with Jews.

Bannon has been named to the NSC board, which is suppose to be absent of political appointees. Congress is considering the need to have Bannon appear before them for confirmation hearings as a result of this appointment.

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eneral Herbert Raymond “H.R.” McMaster has been named as Trump’s new National Security Advisor. Trump’s first pick, General Michael Flynn resigned in disgrace after he was caught lying about his Logan Act violations and his ongoing connections to Russian officials.

Gen. McMaster’s selection comes as welcome news to most, but it does warrant questions. McMaster has a long history of bucking the system, and speaking truth to power. Many have opined that McMaster was passed over when he was initially considered for promotion as a General.

Prediction: McMaster will not last two years and the conflict will play out in the public eye.

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teven Mnuchin has been confirmed as Treasury Secretary.

Mnuchin has yet to be confirmed due to his failure to disclose nearly $100 million of his assets on Senate Finance Committee disclosure documents and forgot to mention his role as a director of an investment fund located in a tax haven. Democrats say these lies make him unfit to serve as Treasury Secretary.

Mnuchin a 17 year veteran at Goldman Sachs, a key player in the 2008 financial collapse which was bailed out by the U.S. government.

Mnuchin also owned OneWest bank which cruelly foreclosed on thousands of American across the country, often taken to court for their practices. OneWest has been involved in many lawsuits and settled some for millions of dollars. Additionally, OneWest was subpoenaed from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Mnuchin has proven he doesn’t care about Americans and only is concerned with the profits he can squeeze out of hard working U.S. workers. The proof is revealed in the fact that he made $2 billion after selling OneWest in 2015, after making thousands of hard working Americans homeless.

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inda McMahon is the queen of “Pay for Play.”

McMahon bought her way into Trump’s cabinet as the head of the Small Business Administration, having given $6 million to pro-Trump Super Pac “Rebuilding America Now” over the summer of 2016 and then giving another $1 million in October to Super Pac “Future 45” which was another pro-Trump organization.

Voters rejected her U.S. Senate candidacy, despite pouring over $100 million into two unsuccessful bids in Connecticut.

Another unqualified nominee, hell bent on lining her own pockets and that of her wealthy friends.

The middle class will continue to shrink as a result of the Trump administration.

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en Carson is distinctly unqualified for any cabinet position and despite this fact, Carson has been confirmed as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Recently, Carson conflated immigration with slavery, making social media trend with his blunder. Later that evening, Carson released a statement on FaceBook reversing himself.

Carson has courted controversy in many ways. In an interview on CNN, Carson claims that being gay is a choice, citing that people go into prison straight and come out gay.

While talking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Carson stated that the holocaust was made possible due to gun control.

When MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked him about Islam and the U.S. Constitution, Carson said that no Muslim should ever be allowed to “run our nation.” Such a viewpoint is counter to freedom of religion.

During a speech, Carson claimed that ObamaCare was the worst thing to happen in our nation since slavery and even went a step further, claiming it was a form of slavery.

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etsy DeVos has a long, disturbing history of trying to kill public education, but she’s been confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Education.

Two Republican senators have stated they will not vote to confirm DeVos, leaving the projected vote at 50 - 50, necessitating VP Pence to cast the tie breaking vote, which is unprecedented for cabinet nominees.

Another “Pay for Play” nominee, having given millions to Trump and his Super Pacs.

She will do everything to undermine public education. DeVos wants taxpayers to pay for private religious education.

DeVos hired and retained convicted felon Scott Jensen as her point person in pushing for her school choice agenda, despite having misused public tax dollars for partisan political purposes.

DeVos is another unqualified billionaire in Trump’s cabinet and her political agenda is counter to public education.

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om Price has been confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

While advocating and sponsoring healthcare related legislation, Price traded more than $300,000 in healthcare related shares. His actions in Congress directly affected the money he made for the past four years.

During confirmation hearings, Democrats insist new details warrant an SEC probe into Price’s stock trades for violating insider trading laws.

Price, an ObamaCare hater will certainly push to repeal it, leaving millions of Americans without medical insurance. He also advocates privatizing Medicare, promoting the Ryan voucher plan which will devastate senior citizens and the disabled, financially.

Price has no feasible plan to replace ObamaCare and it’s likely Price and congressional Republicans will repeal ObamaCare with nothing to replace it.

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cott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General has been confirmed to lead the EPA, despite the fact that he questions the science of climate change and has a history of fighting the agency to favor friends in the oil and gas industry.

On Monday, February 6, 2017, 300 EPA employees and environmentalists protested Pruitt’s nomination, which has been delayed due to Democratic push back. He’s expected to be confirmed this week.

Pruitt played a key role in a legal fight against Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

It is certain he will try to reverse efforts to curtail climate change, making it easier for his friends to make billions while destroying the planet.

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