Trump’s Lies

Donald Trump lies on a daily basis. Some are small, like his lie about his victory was the largest in history. Some are big, like the lie he told when he said he would release his tax returns and that he didn’t because of an audit. Here is a list of many, but not all of his lies.

  • 5/10/17

    Comey Fired

    Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. First he said it was based on the fact that AG Jeff Sessions and AAG Rosenstein recommended the firing FACT: Trump repeatedly admits that he fired Comey to quash the FBI investigation.

  • 5/10/17

    Comey Fired

    Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. First he said it was based on the fact that AG Jeff Sessions and AAG Rosenstein recommended the firing FACT: Trump repeatedly admits that he fired Comey to quash the FBI investigation.

  • 5/8/17

    Sally Yates

    Trump tweets that Sally Yates “said nothing but old news” when she testified in open hearings at Congress. FACT: Yates’ testimony contained bombshells about her efforts to warn the White House regarding Flynn.

  • 5/7/17

    Rexnord of Indiana

    Trump tweets that he will tax Rexnord products sold in US because they moved production to Mexico while Obama was in office. FACT: Trump can’t tax Rexnord because NAFTA prevents such actions.

  • 5/5/17


    Trump tweets about great jobs report and takes credit for continued decreases in unemployment. FACT: Trump has done nothing to affect unemployment.

  • 5/4/17

    Trump Care

    Trump claims his healthcare will lower premiums and deductibles. FACT: The GOP passed TrumpCare without the CBO scoring it. The previous law that they couldn’t get through the House was scored.

  • 5/1/17

    Andrew Jackson

    Trump said Jackson was angry about Civil War and that it could have been avoided. FACT: Jackson couldn’t have been angry over the Civil War because he died 16 years before it started. Trump later deleted the tweet.

  • 4/23/17

    The Wall

    Trump repeats claims that Mexico will pay for wall. FACT: Mexico maintains that they will not pay for the wall.

  • 4/16/17


    Trump claims US military is building and rapidly becoming stronger. FACT: To date, Trump has done nothing to build military or strengthen it. Operations under Trump have gone terribly wrong due to a lack of leadership by our Commander in Chief.

  • 4/16/17

    China Currency Manipulator

    Trump asks “Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on North Korea?” FACT: For years, Trump called China a currency manipulator and seems to have changed his mind after one meeting with China’s President Xi. Xi must have given Trump a very nice compliment.

  • 4/12/17

    Baseless Claims

    Trump says jobs are returning, illegal immigration is plummeting, and justice is being restored. FACT: There is no evidence to support these claims.

  • 4/12/17

    Congressional Race

    Trump congratulates Ron Estes on an easy win in Kansas special election. FACT: Estes won by 7 points despite the fact Trump won same district by over 20 points, which indicates Trump is rapidly losing support.

  • 4/3/17

    John Podesta

    Trump claims that Podesta’s brother was paid to get Russian sanctions lifted. FACT: This is beyond insane. Reasonable folks are starting to question Trump’s mental competency.

  • 4/1/17

    Surveillance Conspiracy Claims

    Trump tweets that he was spied on before he was nominated. FACT: No evidence of surveillance by Obama exists.

  • 3/20/17

    Devin Nunes

    Trump tweets that House Intel Chair, Devin Nunes can’t rule out Obama surveillance of Trump. FACT: No evidence of surveillance by Obama exists. Nunes ultimately had to recuse himself from the investigation due to his unethical tactics. The House Ethics Committee is now investigating Nunes for ethics violations.

  • 3/20/17

    James Clapper

    Trump states that James Clapper confirms there is no evidence he colluded with Russia. FACT: Clapper has repeatedly stated he didn’t have access to the evidence and has completely refuted Trump’s erroneous claims.

  • 3/15/17

    2005 Tax Return Leaked

    Trump told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that publishing two pages of his 2005 tax return was illegal. He also said that NBC News was FAKE. FACT: Trump told NBC News that the tax return they had in their possession was authentic, contradicting his Fake News claims. Also, it is NOT illegal to publish Trump’s tax returns. Some are theorizing Trump is the leaker.

  • 3/13/17

    ObamaCare is Imploding

    Trump has been saying that ObamaCare is imploding for the past several weeks. FACT: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states that ObamaCare is stable. Congressional Republicans and the healthcare insurance companies are attacking ObamaCare because insurance companies aren’t making the astronomical profits they desire.

  • 3/9/17

    TrumpCare is Beautiful

    Trump tweeted that his healthcare plan is coming along great. FACT: Many Republicans have denounced TrumpCare, some citing it’s not conservative enough, or it leaves too many (26 million) without insurance, or there shouldn’t be a humongous tax break for the wealthy. UDATE: On March 16, Ryan announces that the bill needs to change before it goes to a House vote.

  • 3/8/17

    GOP Convention Platform

    On July 31, Trump stated, “I was not involved,” agreeing with George Stephanopolous that his campaign team was responsible for softening their stance on Russia. On the same day, Campaign manager Paul Manafort denied having anything to do with it and further stated the campaign had nothing to do with it. FACT: Trump campaign advisor J.D. Gordon admitted to being the member of Trump’s campaign to have interceded in changing the language of the platform, softening their stance on Russia. Gordon stated, on the record, it was at Donald Trump’s request.

  • 3/8/17

    January & February Job increases

    Once again, Trump is trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. FACT: The job creation in January and February are attributed to Obama, as Trump has done nothing legislatively or through Executive Order for job creation.

  • 3/4/17

    Respect for Women

    Trump tweeted that he has tremendous respect for women. FACT: Trump is a rabid misogynist. Not only has he admitted to sexual assault against women on tape, he is gutting funding for women’s healthcare, and has very few women in top cabinet positions. The truth is, Trump has very little respect for women!

  • 3/4/17


    Trump claims Obama released 122 prisoners who returned to the battlefield FACT: While 122 prisoners were transferred from Gitmo were found to have subsequently engaged in terrorist activities, 113 of those detainees were released by Bush. Another very Trumpian lie to distract folks from his Russian corruption.

  • 3/4/17

    Wire Tapping

    Trump claims Obama illegally wire-tapped him at Trump Tower. FACT: Obama can’t order anyone to wiretap an American. Only the DOJ can initiate such an investigation. Trump offered no evidence to his claims and as of 3/9/17, after prodding from the press, Trump has refused to provide the evidence. UPDATE: House Intelligence Committee has confirmed there is no evidence of such surveillance at Trump Tower.

  • 3/4/17

    Obama Deflection

    Trump claims first meeting between Sessions and Kislyak was set up by Obama administration. FACT: Trump is regurgitating reports from a right wing online source. This doesn’t explain Sessions’ meeting with Kislyak at the GOP Convention in Cleveland in which Sessions was a Trump surrogate and was not acting as a senator when he met with the ambassador.

  • 3/3/17

    Pelosi Attack

    Trump tweets out picture of Pelosi sitting at a table of a dozen people in which Ambassador Kislyak is present and suggests Pelosi has close ties to Russia FACT: Pelosi has never had a one-on-one meeting with Kislyak or any Russian Ambassador. Furthermore, unlike Trump, Pelosi would invite a full investigation as there is nothing there. The deeper the investigation digs into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, the more he tries to deflect his base’s attention with bogus claims.

  • 3/3/17

    Senator Schumer

    Trump tweets about Schumer having his own Russian ties and posts a picture as proof. FACT: Senator Schumer was with Putin, in New York in 2003. It was a public event and Schumer never hid this encounter. Schumer also has never been accused of working with Russia to hack any U.S. election. Additionally, unlike Trump, Schumer has no financial ties with Russia, never sold property to an oligarch, or had his staff secretly meet with Russian counterparts.

  • 3/1/17

    Defending A.G. Sessions’ Lies

    Trump suggests the uproar over Sessions lying under oath is being fabricated by Dems over losing the election. Trump and Republicans are excusing his lies, saying he was working as a senator while in communication with Ambassador Kislyak. FACT: Sessions lied under oath. He also met with Kislyak in July, at the Republican Convention while acting as a Trump surrogate.

  • 3/1/17

    Stock Market

    Trump suggests his job creation has increased stock market and consumer confidence. FACT: Trump has done nothing regarding job creation. No legislation, no EO’s, nothing.

  • 2/27/17

    NBC Poll

    Trump claims the GOP now viewed more favorably than Dems in Trump era. FACT: We’ve read the entire poll and there’s nothing in the poll that remotely suggests this.

  • 2/26/17

    Russia Scandal

    Trump tweets that the Russia Scandal is “Fake News” and tries to discredit media who is uncovering the evidence of the scandal. FACT: Trump complains louder and more frequently as evidence hits the light of day. The Dossier is being investigated and evidence suggests the Dossier was more accurate than originally thought.

  • 2/26/17

    The DNC

    Trump claims the election of the new DNC Chair was rigged. FACT: Trump has no evidence of this and is merely trying to divide the people who are vehemently opposed to him.

  • 2/25/17

    National Debt

    Trump claims he is responsible for a $12 billion decrease in the National Debt. FACT: While those numbers are accurate, Trump had nothing to do with it. Trump has not enacted a single piece of fiscal legislation. Additionally, the decrease has to do with quarterly tax payment and predetermined expenditure patterns. When asked about Trump’s claims, the White House remained silent.

  • 2/21/17

    Town Hall Protests

    Trump tweets that protests are lead by liberal activists. FACT: While some protests are lead by organizations, most are grass roots, organic, and issue related. Trump has provided no proof for his claims that all the protesters are paid operatives.

  • 2/19/17


    During a rally in Florida, Trump cites an attack in Sweden the night before. FACT: Sweden immediately questioned Trump’s claims and asked “what has he been smoking?” Trump then claims he was speaking about large scale immigration in Sweden, as if we are to believe this immigration took place the night before. He lies are stupid and his attempts to explain them are moronic!

  • 2/17/17

    White House

    Trump claims that the White House is running smoothly and that he inherited a mess. FACT: The White House is in disarray with infighting, lies, and consistent efforts to cover up Russian scandal. Trump, in fact, inherited many positive things that he will be undoing, as promised.

  • 2/17/17

    Repeal & Replace

    Trump claims that the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare is moving fast. FACT: No replacement plan has been set in motion. There are several ideas, but the GOP can’t agree on the details. UPDATE: As of 3/4/17, nothing has been done on Repeal & Replace.

  • 2/17/17

    77 Minute Press Conference

    During his now infamous 77 minutes press conference, Trump Lied at an alarming rate. You can read about it HERE.

  • 2/17/17


    Trump claims that the ObamaCare will be repealed and replaced quickly as a result of Price being confirmed. FACT: Most pundits believe ObamaCare will never be repealed and replaced. In order to replace the ACA, 60 votes are needed and the Republicans don’t have the numbers.

  • 2/16/17

    Margin of Victory

    Trump continues to claim that his victory was the greatest since Reagan. FACT: When faced with the facts that Obama and Clinton had larger margins of victory, he said he meant “by a Republican.” MSNBC pointed out that Papa Bush also had a larger margin of victory. Trump then said someone else gave him this misinformation.

  • 2/13/17

    Defending Flynn

    Trump defends Flynn as an honorable man and blames media for what happened to him FACT: Trump demanded Flynn’s resignation for lying to the administration regarding his communications with a Russian ambassador.

  • 2/12/17

    CNN Cut Off Bernie Sanders

    Trump tweets that CNN cut off Senator Bernie Sanders for calling CNN “fake news.” FACT: Here’s what was said between Sanders and the CNN host.
    Burnett: He says he knows nothing about it, hasn’t seen any of these reports. Is that a problem?
    Sanders: Well, I don’t know, maybe he was watching CNN fake news. What do you think?
    Burnett: You don’t buy it?
    Sanders: That was a joke.
    Burnett: I know it was a joke. I’m saying, you don’t buy what he said, obviously.
    Sanders audio then cut out, after Burnett acknowledged the joke.

  • 2/8/17

    Travel Ban

    Trump claims leading EU nations support Trump Travel Ban. FACT: What Trump is citing is a poll of citizens that was conducted before he tried to enact the Travel Ban Executive Order (EO) and before he was even elected. The participants didn’t opine about the specifics of Trump’s ban. Also, the leaders of EU countries have widely denounced Trump’s Ban, with Australia apparently the only country to support Trump’s Ban.

  • 2/8/17

    Trump Attack on Nordstrom

    Trump whined that Nordstrom treated Ivanka unfairly after they removed her products from their stores. FACT: Nordstrom dropped Ivanka’s line due to poor sales.

  • 2/8/17

    Muslim Ban vs Courts

    Trump says his Muslim Ban should obviously win in court and if it doesn’t, we can never have the safety we are entitled to. FACT: Even though Trump said “See you in court” after losing every challenge to his ban, Trump’s administration is now throwing out the original and starting over. UPDATE: After several promises to create a new order to replace the illegal ban, nothing has been done.

  • 2/6/17

    U.S. Murder Rate

    During a meeting with sheriffs, Trump states that the U.S. has the highest murder rate in 47 years. FACT: The U.S. murder rate, per 100,000 was 10.2 in 1980. In 2016, the rate was 4.8. Another alternative fact floated by Trump.

  • 2/5/17

    In Defense of Putin

    During an interview on Fox News, Trump defended Putin’s murderous history by implying the U.S. is responsible for crimes comparable to Putin’s assassinations of political opponents. FACT: The U.S. has no such history of political leaders assassinating their opponents. Republicans have denounced Trump’s defense of Putin with Gen. Barry McCaffrey stating Trump’s remarks as the most anti-American statements ever made by a U.S. President.

  • 2/4/17

    Vetting Refugees

    Since U.S. District courts have put a hold on his Muslim ban, Trump tweeted “when a country is no longer able to say who can and cannot come in and out…big trouble.” FACT: Vetting for refugees takes 18 - 24 months and is considered by most as extreme vetting.

  • 2/3/17

    Anti-Trump Protests

    Trump claims that protests directed at him are professional anarchists, thugs, and paid protesters. FACT: There have been millions of people worldwide protesting Trump’s actions, with no violence. Trump has offered no proof of a single person being paid to protest.

  • 2/1/17

    Iran Taking over Iraq

    Trump claims Iran is taking over more and more of Iraq. FACT: Iran’s involvement in Iraq is to fight ISIS. There is no evidence of Iran taking over Iraq in any way. Trump simply doesn’t understand what is going on throughout the world.

  • 1/30/17

    Muslim Ban Roll Out

    Trump claims only 109 people were detained as a result of the Muslim ban. FACT: The Trump administration used a misleading number in order to defend their policy. Sean Spicer even admitted the 109 figure only referred to people who were traveling at the time the order was signed. The Washington Post reports the number of travelers restricted from entering the U.S. is about 90,000.

  • 1/25/17

    More Voter Fraud Claims

    Trump continues to claim massive voter fraud. FACT: There is no evidence to support Trump’s claims and leaks from the Trump administration have indicated that no investigation will ever be conducted.

  • 1/22/17

    Tax Returns

    Trump campaigned on the promise that he would release his tax returns after his audit. FACT: KellyAnne Conway, senior advisor and “alternative fact” proponent told ABC’s “This Week” that Trump will never release his tax returns.

  • 1/22/17

    Inauguration Attendance Part II

    Trump directs White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to hold a press conference to refute the low inauguration numbers. Spicer told lie after lie on a variety of topics, including the whopper, “The Trump inauguration was the most seen inauguration in history.” Spicer also claimed the pictures released by the Park Service was not real. FACT: Officials estimate the Trump event had less that 300,000 attendees.

  • 1/22/17

    Inauguration Attendance

    Trump claims 11 million more people watched his inauguration than Obama’s 2013 inauguration. FACT: Trump is comparing apples to oranges, as he didn’t compare Obama’s first inauguration to his own. If he had, he’d have to admit that Obama’s 38 million shredded Trump’s 31 million.

  • 1/22/17

    CIA Visit

    Trump claims CIA meeting was a win. FACT: Most intelligence professionals deemed this meeting as unprofessional and strange. They called it an exercise of gross self-aggrandizement which included inappropriate political topics. In front of the CIA Wall of Honor, Trump blasted the media for lying about his inauguration attendance numbers and blaming them for creating controversy.

  • 1/21/17

    Inauguration Speech

    Trump claims his inauguration speech received great reviews. FACT: Other than Fox News and Russia TV, most pundits from both parties panned the speech as dark, negative, divisive, and strange. Most reviews referenced Trump’s “American Carnage” phrase as dangerously hyperbolic.

  • 1/20/17

    Buy American, Hire American

    Trump tweets his slogan “Buy American & Hire American.” FACT: The Trump Organization doesn’t always hire American, especially at his resorts. During the past 15 years, Trump’s businesses have been approved to hire 1,256 foreign guest workers. After announcing his candidacy in June, 2015, Trump has requested at least 190 foreign visa workers according to the Department of Labor. Another example of Trump’s blatant hypocrisy.

  • 1/19/17

    Lincoln Memorial Concert

    Trump claims that his concert at the Lincoln Memorial is the first ever. FACT: Obama had a concert at the Lincoln Memorial featuring Beyonce, U2, Bruce Springsteen, and others. Obama’s concert was much larger and grander than Trump’s concert which only included D-List performers.

  • 1/15/17

    Job Creation Credit

    Trump continues to take credit for job creation before being sworn in. FACT: Current job creation is a product of Obama’s eight year economic recovery and has nothing to do with Trump.

  • 1/14/17

    British Intelligence Dossier on Trump

    Trump claims that intelligence insiders deemed the British Intelligence dossier as a complete fraud. FACT: Nobody from the intelligence community claimed the information was verified or true. They briefed Trump before it was released, stating that the dossier was out there and had been for months.

  • 1/13/17

    Controversial Dossier

    Trump claims the disinformation campaign was started by Republican and Democratic operatives. FACT: The Dossier was done during the primaries.

  • 1/13/17


    Trump claims his cabinet nominees are looking good. FACT: Rex Tillerson was challenged by Republican Senator Marco Rubio. Monica Crowley has been exposed in a wide-spread plagiarism scandal and has removed herself from consideration. UPDATE: NSA General Flynn resigned in disgrace 24 days into Trump’s presidency, Secretary of Labor nominee Pudzer withdrew amid significant controversy, Secretary of the Navy and Air Force nominees withdrew due to financial entanglements and other controversies.

  • 1/12/17


    Trump is on the warpath with CNN, claiming that their ratings are tanking. FACT: CNN ratings remain steady, ranked #2 behind Fox News.

  • 1/12/17

    Clapper & Leaks

    Trump claims DNI Director James Clapper called him to denounce the false reports that were illegally circulated. FACT: Clapper told Trump that the intelligence community made no judgment about the reliability of the allegations in the dossier and reiterated that the leak didn’t come from them.

  • 1/10/17

    Small Business Optimism Index

    Trump tries to take credit for the biggest surge in the U.S. Small Business Optimism Index since 1980. FACT: The surge has very little to do with Trump and mostly with the economic recovery during Obama’s presidency.

  • 1/9/17

    Auto Job Creation

    Trump tries to take credit for Fiat Chrysler and Ford job initiatives. FACT: The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) negotiated the job creation initiative into their collective bargaining agreement, which Trump had nothing to do with, and was done months before the election.

  • 1/9/17

    Mocking the Disabled

    Trump continues to deny that he mocked a disabled reporter. FACT: Video shows Trump mocking the reporters physical symptoms of his ailments.

  • 1/8/17

    The Wall

    Trump claims that it’s the media who says Mexico won’t pay for the wall and called main stream media (MSM) “fake news.” FACT: Media simply reported what Mexico’s president said. President Nieto has repeatedly stated Mexico will NOT pay for the wall.

  • 1/7/17

    Russian Hacking

    Trump lied in his statement regarding the Russian hacking scandal, stating, “While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups, and people are constantly trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat (sic) National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election…” FACT: The intelligence report never stated this! The report says, “We did not make an assessment of the impact that Russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 elections.”

  • 1/4/17

    Julian Assange

    Trump sided with Julian Assange, an alleged molester and rapist, claiming Russia didn’t hack the DNC and Podesta. FACT: The U.S. Intelligence Community has provided proof that Russia was behind the hacking and sanctions have been imposed against Russia as a result. Strange that Trump, also accused of molestation and rape, sides with a fellow miscreant.

  • 1/3/17

    Intelligence Briefing

    Trump tweeted that the Intelligence Briefing was delayed until Friday. FACT: The briefers have confirmed that the meeting was always scheduled for Friday. Another blatant Trumpian lie.

  • 1/3/17

    Tax Penalties for General Motors

    Trump says he will levy a tax against General Motors for making their Cruz vehicle in Mexico. FACT: Trump simply can’t do this, as it violates NAFTA.

  • 12/29/16

    Buy American Hypocrisy

    Trump repeats his rule, “Buy American, Hire American.” FACT: Trump buys steel from China and most of his clothing line is made outside the U.S. He hires numerous foreign workers for his hotels and other enterprises.

  • 12/27/16

    Consumer Confidence Index

    Trump congratulated himself, stating the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index rose, due to him. FACT: The Index rose as a result of Obama’s successful policies and his economic recovery efforts.

  • 12/26/16

    Trump Foundation

    Trump claims his foundation gave all money to charity. FACT: Trump used his charity to pay bills, settle lawsuits, buy a 6 foot painting of himself, and paid a bribe to the Florida Attorney General to not join the lawsuits against Trump U.

  • 12/23/16

    Eric Trump

    Trump bemoans the fact that his son Eric is shutting down his foundation simply due to his presidency. FACT: Eric’s “Pay for Play” schemes disguised as fund raising efforts drew heavy criticism resulting in the closing of the foundation. Eric has not closed his foundation, as promised. His website is still up and running, advertising upcoming fundraising events.

  • 12/16/16

    Debate Questions

    Trump claims Clinton got debate questions from DNC Chair before debate. FACT: Allegations arose after the illegal hacking. Nobody authenticated the emails as unaltered and the DNC denies the allegations.

  • 12/13/16

    Margin of Victory

    Trump claims to have won the election in a landslide. He also claimed to have the greatest margin of victory, ever. FACT: of the 58 presidential elections our country has ever had, Trump’s victory ranks 46th for margin of victory, and not even close to being the greatest. He also lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes.

  • 12/12/16

    Catching Hackers

    Trump stated that unless you catch hackers in the act, it’s impossible to identify them. He also claims the Russian hacking wasn’t brought up until after the election. FACT: Hackers are routinely caught after the fact. A wide variety of people reported on the Russian hacking during the campaign.

  • 12/6/16

    Taking Credit for SoftBank Deal

    Trump claims he orchestrated a deal between the U.S. and Japan for Soft Bank to invest $500 billion toward U.S. businesses and U.S. jobs. FACT: Soft Bank started negotiations with Saudi Arabia to make investments in October. Trump was not a part of these negotiations and Japan and Saudi Arabia didn’t know who would be president at the time of the negotiations.

  • 12/6/16

    Air Force One Costs

    Trump claims that Boeing is ripping off the U.S. government by charging more than $4 billion for new Air Force One. FACT: The cost of the new Air Force One planes is $2.8 billion over five years. This is for more than one plane, not the single plane Trump stated.

  • 12/5/16

    Tweeting Excuses

    Trump says he wouldn’t have to tweet if media covered him accurately. FACT: Trump will never stop tweeting. He’s addicted. Trump calls the media liars when they mostly just air what he has said.

  • 12/4/16

    Tax Penalties for U.S. Companies

    Trump tweets he will tax any company leaving U.S. FACT: Trump said this after the Carrier deal. Carrier is still moving jobs out of the country and Trump is not going to penalize them. UPDATE: Still no legislation or EO regarding this issue.

  • 12/1/16

    The Carrier Deal

    Trump takes credit for saving over 2000 Carrier jobs. FACT: Trump did absolutely nothing in this deal! It was Pence and the state of Indiana’s tax break to keep a small portion of Carrier jobs in the state. Also, the actual number of jobs saved is closer to 800.

  • 11/27/16

    Voter Fraud

    Trump tweets that millions of votes for Clinton were fraudulent. FACT: Trump has no evidence of any voter fraud and certainly not by the millions. Republicans have been saying, “if you throw out California’s votes, Trump won the popular vote.” That idiotic statement is proof to how stupid and desperate the Republicans are.

  • 11/17/16


    Trump takes credit for Ford not moving production to Mexico. FACT: Ford announces that production was never going to be moved.

  • 11/15/16

    The New York Times

    Trump claims the New York Times sent a letter to subscribers apologizing for bad coverage of him. FACT: Trump has refused to provide evidence of this and the NY Times denies doing so.

  • 11/14/16

    Nuclear Weapons

    Trump denies saying that he believes more countries should have nuclear weapons. FACT: There is video of Trump saying that Japan and South Korea should be allowed to have nukes.

  • 11/10/16

    Post-Election Protests

    Trump tweets that protesters are paid professionals. FACT: Trump has no evidence to support his claim. UPDATE: Seems the only one who has to pay is Trump as UAW workers attending his rally in Michigan were paid their salary even though they were not at work.