Shocking News

Donald Trump is in the midst of a foreign relations nightmare. In July, 2016 during his last press conference of the campaign season, Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton to find emails. Within weeks, WikiLeaks started publishing emails that were hacked from the DNC and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. None of these were authenticated as real, but the main stream media (MSM) and Trump started exposing these and the Clinton campaign was derailed. Throughout his campaign, Trump voiced support for Vladimir Putin and never said a single derogatory thing about him. In early January, the report from the intelligence community reported that Russia did hack many targets, including Democratic organizations, Republican organizations, the DNC, and John Podesta. Their motivation was to do harm to Clinton’s campaign.

On January 10, 2017, CNN and Buzz Feed released information on a disinformation dossier that was compiled by a former British Intelligence officer. In it, it’s alleged that Trump not only had financial ties to Russia but was also filmed in a Russian hotel room with a hooker in 2013. It was reported that Trump and the hooker engaged in a sexual fetish called “Golden Showers.” Trump called the news of this as “fake” and denounced the intelligence community as participating in a smear campaign. Trump also went after CNN in his first press conference since being elected, repeatedly calling CNN “fake news.”

Due to the fact that Trump lied about the details surrounding the disinformation, the intelligence community had no choice but to put out the facts surrounding the disinformation and how it was handled. This has resulted in many to question the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and calling on the government to investigate Trump for any connection or collusion in the hacking scheme.

After Congress was briefed by the intelligence community regarding Clinton’s emails being hacked by Russia and the possibility of Trump’s involvement, 34 members of Congress are boycotting the inauguration. The Women’s March on Washington has over 200,000 RSVPs to attend. Trump enters office with the lowest favorability (40%) in history.

Trump Controversies

    • Racism
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      Racism & Xenophobia

      Trump’s courting of the Alt-Right and other White Supremacy factions have solidified his racist reputation. It started 30 years ago when he refused to allow African American to live in his apartment buildings which resulted in a federal law suit. He settled the suit, paid a fine and had to put out a full page ad stating that blacks were welcome at all Trump properties.

      Trump signed an executive order banning travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and refusing refugees from Syria. Interestingly, he did not ban Muslims from countries in which he has business dealings because many of those deals are with the governments. Another controversial conflict of interest.

      Throughout the campaign, Trump normalized racism by refusing to denounce David Duke. Additionally, Trump used dog whistle racism to sell his racist views, saying that blacks lived in horrible neighborhoods, had poor education and touted Stop and Frisk as a law enforcement tool he is ready to use, even though it’s been deemed unconstitutional.

      Trump’s most overt act of embracing racism was naming Steve Bannon as Senior Advisor. Trump has ushered a rabid racist into the White House despite his proclamations of being president for all Americans. With Bannon having his ear, Trump absolutely can not fulfill that promise.

    • Foreign Policy
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      Foreign Policy

      In the first 3 weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump has alienated countless countries with his foreign policy.

      His most egregious blunder was his roll out of the travel ban executive order which included 7 Muslim-majority countries and ceased all Syrian refugees. Several states have challenged the order in court, which is currently being litigated.

      Trump has offended and alienated one of our closest allies, Mexico. He’s jeopardized security, jobs, relations, and the economic strength of both countries with his stance on the Wall. Trump was scheduled to have a meeting with President Nieto, but it was cancelled after Trump went on a Twitter rampage.

      Around the same time, it was leaked by White House staffers that Trump actually hung up on Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull after Turnbull brought up an agreement he made with President Obama regarding refugees. Later, after receiving an apology from members of the Senate and WH administration officials, Trump tweeted that Turnbull disputed the reports, but there is no record of Turnbull actually disputing them.

      Trump ordered a covert operation in Yemen which he signed while having dinner with Bannon and Priebus. He did not monitor the operation in the Situation Room, instead, he was in bed. The operation’s goal was to detain or kill high ranking Al Qaeda leader Qassim Al-Rimi and gather intelligence from computers. A Navy Seal and several civilians were killed in the raid and it’s been reported that the Seal Team were not prepared for the resistance they met. The White House claims the operation a complete success, but other military and intelligence leaders do not agree. The Seals were able to gather intel, but failed to detain or kill their target. Days later, Al-Rimi taunted Trump for his failures. Yemen has since banned the U.S. military from running any ground operations in Yemen, which is a devastating blow in our fight against ISIS.

    • Conflicts of Interest
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      Conflicts of Interest

      Donald Trump currently is doing business in many foreign countries, with foreign governments as a private businessman. Now he has constitutional, ethical, and fiscal conflicts of interest. According to Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the US Constitution states:

      “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

      As with most interpretations of the Constitution, there are varying opinions as to whether Trump’s private business dealings will violate the Constitution. This will be a partisan issue for sure. Most familiar with the election know that if it were Hillary Clinton who had private business dealings worth millions with foreign governments, Trump would be leading the charge for conflict of interest.

      While he has not yet taken office, foreign diplomats have already admitted to spending money at his hotels to curry favor with Trump.

      PREDICTION: If Trump is ever impeached, it will be for violating this clause of the constitution.

    • Staff
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      Trump’s staff is in disarray. Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is in a power struggle with Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Bannon is pushing the agenda while Priebus is trying to run the White House and the two are battling for supremacy in Trump’s view. It is, perhaps for this reason, that Bannon managed to get Trump to sign an Executive Order placing him on the National Security Council, a position that has never before been assigned to a political operative. Days later, after content of the order was made public, White House staffers leaked that Trump didn’t realize what he was signing and that Bannon would be assigned to the NCS. Those on the NSC are all Senate confirmed individuals, but Bannon is not. Congress is mulling over the idea of making Bannon go through the confirmation process if he remains assigned to the NSC.

    Trump’s Broken Promises and
    Flip Flops

    “I Will Build the Wall and Mexico Will Pay For It”
    Trump campaigned on the issue of immigration reform and promised to build the wall. He also promised he could make Mexico pay for the wall. Mexico’s president said they would never pay for it. Weeks before his inauguration, Trump formally asked Congress to pay for the wall. He claims he will make Mexico pay for the wall, but the U.S. taxpayer will be on the hook, likely without ever seeing a dime from Mexico.

    “I Won’t Cut Medicare or Social Security”
    During his campaign, Trump repeatedly said he wouldn’t cut Social Security or Medicare, but since being elected Trump has appeared to join Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in his longtime desire to privatize Medicare and cut Social Security.

    “Drain the Swamp”
    Trump has been filling the swamp with billionaires, racists, conspiracy theorists, and incompetent nominees with a history of illegally sharing classified information.

    “Outsourcing Penalty”
    Trump said he would penalize any company moving business to foreign country by adding 35% tax on any product sold in US. He called tax incentives and abatements stupid. Trump doesn’t seem to understand that he can’t do this when companies move to Mexico or Canada as it would violate NAFTA.

    “Lock Her Up”
    Trump announced he would not follow through on the campaign promise to appoint a special prosecutor regarding criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

    Trump has announced that waterboarding won’t be used, based on General Mattis’ opinion of the torture technique.

    “Paris Climate Initiative”
    Prior to being elected, Trump said the climate change crisis was a Chinese initiated hoax to hinder US economic success. Now he admits climate change might be man-made.