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Dangerous Distraction

Upon hearing the news, foreign leaders from around the world condemned the move and sent the message that despite Trump’s announcement of wanting to renegotiate the deal, the world said NO!

So why did Trump do it? Was it to curry favor with his base and fulfill a campaign promise? Considering he has broken several campaign promises already, including but not limited to repealing ObamaCare, building the Wall at Mexico’s expense, leaving NAFTA, and being tough on China as a currency manipulator, his base really doesn’t care. Most have proven they’ll follow him to the depths of hell.

Pundits have dissected this all day and the only clear thing his decision does is get the news talking about something other than Russia.

Speaking of Russia, Trump’s decision gives Russia exactly what it wants and has been actively pursuing for years; a divided Western world.

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Newly elected president of France Emmanuel Macron berated Trump’s decision. Earlier in the week, after the G7 summit and meetings at NATO, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the world that the EU could no longer rely on the US. This was music to Putin’s ears.

Coincidentally, reports have surfaced that not only did Kushner, Sessions, and a host of other Trump surrogates meet with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, in April 2016, Trump himself met with Kislyak. The FBI is digging deep into this new allegation but that hasn’t stopped Trump from what appears to be payment on the help the Russians gave Trump during the election. Trump and his team are actively pursuing the return of two compounds, in New York and Maryland, that were seized by President Obama when he levied sanctions on the Russians for interfering in the 2016 US election.

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FBI Director James Comey confirmed an investigation is underway into Russia’s hacking of our 2016 election. Additionally, the FBI is investigating any connections between Russia and Donald Trump, his campaign, his political and civilian associates, his family, and any other connections.

Since July, 2016, several Trump associates, surrogates, and official campaign staff have met with various Russian government officials. They also met with Russian oligarchs with connections to Putin. This is not in dispute.

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During Comey’s congressional hearing on March 20, 2016, Republican members focused their attention on “leaks” and attempts to divert attention from Trump and Russia to Obama and Clinton. Most egregious in this effort was Rep. Trey Gowdy, infamous for his repeated and failed attempts to assign criminality to Clinton during 7 Benghazi hearings.

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Republicans also repeatedly stated that James Clapper already ruled that there was no collusion. The problem with that is Clapper made the statement in reference to declassified intel and only a couple of months after the investigation was initiated. Comey stated during the hearing their investigation is in its infancy. Trump is desperate to end the investigation into his action before the truth comes out!

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Another distraction by Republicans is their attempts to inappropriately conflated ballot results with election influence. Their mantra is, “because ballot machines or ballots themselves were not manipulated, then the Russian hacking failed to have any influence on the election. This is one of the GOP’s most ridiculous assessments and flies in the face of Trump repeatedly touting the WikiLeak dumps that helped him win the election. There was tons of influence on the election and everyone knows it.