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The Real Problem with ObamaCare

The insurance companies don’t like ObamaCare because they don’t make enough money. They are mandated to spend their money on actually providing healthcare. Prior to ObamaCare, health insurance companies were grossly inefficient, spending about 49% of their money on healthcare. ObamaCare mandates that number to increase to 70%. Conversely, Medicare is much more efficient, coming in at approximately 93% of money going directly to providing healthcare.

The repeal of ObamaCare is, simply put, a money grab for the wealthy. A few Republicans have stood up to the huge money machine of the GOP and said NO! Enough of them did this and the Senate vote on TrumpCare has been put on hold. It’s suspected that they will try to vote when they return from their holiday break. It won’t work.

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The only reasonable option the Republicans have is to stop their efforts to repeal ObamaCare and fix the issues within it. One of the ways the Congress can fix it is to send a clear message that insurance companies need to stop colluding within their industry to kill ObamaCare. One way in which they could do this is to investigate the healthcare insurance industry for anti-trust collusion to end the ACA.

They also need to enforce the individual mandate and since this mandate is a Republican idea from the start, they need to now get behind it. They need to ditch the idea of high risk pools. If the individual mandate is enforced, the insurance companies will make money, hand over fist, without having to increase deductibles, premiums, and copays.

The fact that healthcare insurance companies are at the root of the problem and is not covered by the media or Congress is bewildering.