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To Russia with Love

After Attorney General Sessions was caught lying to the Senate, Trump surrogates Jarod Kushner, Carter Page, and J.D. Gordon have come out to admit they too had meetings with Ambassador Kislyak prior to and after the election.

Russia’s involvement into our election appears to be bigger and more controversial with each passing day. Since Sessions has recused himself from any investigation involving Russia, there is more reason for an independent investigation to take place.

Meanwhile, the GOP have maintained their position that it’s more important to protect their political party over protecting the constitution, their constituents, and the country against foreign attacks. Their defense of Sessions involves the fact that Sessions was acting as a senator when he met with Kislyak. They refuse to address the fact that Sessions met with the ambassador while at the Republican National Convention in July. Sessions didn’t travel to the event as a senator, but as a Trump surrogate and even paid for travel out of his own pocket.

Now we know that Jarod Kushner repeatedly met with Kislyak before and after the election. We don’t know the substance of those talks and likely never will know the truth.

Forkin Fox new product

Chris Hayes of MSNBC interviewed Carter Page regarding his meeting with Kislyak and Page lamely attempted to dodge admitting to the meeting in Cleveland. Obviously, the truth won’t be coming from him anytime soon.

J.D. Gordon, after meeting Kislyak, changed the GOP platform at the National Convention in Cleveland to be softer on Russia regarding Crimea.

There is a lot of smoke choking the Trump White House and the time is quickly approaching when we might see someone involved in the scandal to jump ship and offer the truth to save their own ass.

Who else from the Trump camp had contact with Russia before and after the election? Did money ever exchange hands during this time? Is there evidence out there that Trump worked with Russia to attack our election? How deep does the apparent collusion go?

We at PolitiQueer call on congress, the DOJ, and investigators to FOLLOW THE MONEY!