Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PolitiQueer?

    PolitiQueer (PQ) is a website devoted to providing information, resources, and current events affecting the LGBT community. There is also a blog featuring OpEd articles and we hope to grow the site to include other items, based on visitor requests.

    General Questions
  • Why do you have a donation page?

    PolitiQueer (PQ) is run by a single person who has incurred the costs of buying the domain, software, and hosting to run the site. Additionally, an incredible amount of time has been dedicated daily to updating the site and providing valuable resources for the LGBT community.

  • Do you endorse a particular party and/or candidate?

    PolitiQueer endorses anyone who works to further the civil rights of the LGBT community. It is widely known that the Democratic Party, as part of their platform, supports the civil rights of our community and thus, has earned our endorsement. If a member from another party works to ensure our rights, by all means PQ will endorse them as well.

  • What is PQ going to do about the 2016 elections?

    PolitiQueer’s focus will be to help expose the truth about what the Trump administration is doing, how he’s abandoning the voters he bamboozled, and helping restore progressive politics.

  • If I choose to donate, how much am I suppose to give and is it tax deductible?

    PQ is not a 501(c)3, so no donations made can be used for tax purposes. Please donate only what you can comfortably afford.